Congregation Activities

Bible Study Groups

Held throughout the year, the Bible Study Groups encourage the members to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

  • Boys’ Society “Credo”
  • Girls’ society “Delphia”
  • Young Peoples’ Society “Believing and Confessing”
  • Men’s Society “Study the Scriptures”
  • Women’s Society “God’s Word as Our Guide”
  • Women’s Society “Forward in Faith”
  • Young Adult Bible Study
  • Seniors’ Bible Study Society

Catechism Classes

Lessons for 5 groups held weekly during the school year.


Since Christ teaches us to not hide our lamp under a bucket, but to let our light shine, we undertake several activities to show Christ’s love to those around us.

  • Annual Fall Supper held every October, we invite people from the neighbourhood to share in the rich gifts we have been given.
  • Vacation Bible School held in the month of July or August, VBS gives children from the community an opportunity to enjoy time making crafts and learning about the Bible.
  • Voice of the Church broadcasts a message every Sunday evening at 6:00pm on CFAM (AM-950)from Altona, MB.
  • Community Services held at various times during the year to encourage new people to join our worship services.

Choir “Jubilate Deo”

The choir practices for and performs a Christmas and Spring concert each year. Its repetoire includes classical pieces as well as contemporary material.

Upcoming Events